Public Works / The Wall of Welcome

The wall is not contiguous

The wall listens and shoulders your burdens

with structures conducive to relaxation -

You may lay against the wall for sleeping

You may sit into the wall eating lunch,

Traverse its length collecting coins or at night

Watch it glow from its joints

The wall is loving and is not impervious

The wall represents local cultures and is open

To interpretation

The wall welcomes you like a wave and like a wave

It undulates

It welcomes you, offering food and directions

The wall is transparent because there are no true boundaries

Between where you come from and where you are headed

At the wall, you do not need to leave the old you behind,

But if you want to, there are receptacles to deposit

Stories you wish to forget.

The wall is a habitat for creatures and is not contracted to any single

Private company. The wall is a public work, and anyone who wants to contribute may.

The wall offers methods for communications - pockets, chalkboards, pens, paint,

And houses a mailbox, free of charge, for standard weight letters.

The wall is technologically ripe, but there are spots without light,

For solitary contemplation

And birds overhead that hum and drip nectar, birds that may not be

Born in the u.s.a.